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  • Safety & Rescue Products By Lifesaving Resources Read More
  • Sales Training By Fitness Management & Consulting

    Health Club Sales Training is what we do best at FMC Sales Training Academy. Our powerful sales training program will motivate your sales force and generate greater profits. We’re the sales training leader in the health club industry. Read More
  • Samson Airline Micro Wireless Microphone By AV Now Fitness Sound

    Get Charged Up…Go Cableless... Samson's Smallest Wireless System Ever. The AirLine Micro Wireless Earset System is a breakthrough that utilizes the latest in lithium ion battery technology and small, high-quality audio and RF components to bring freedom and convenience to a new level of... Read More
  • Sauna Heaters By Finlandia Sauna Products, Inc.

    All of our heaters have: Stainless steel elements for long life. Large rock capacity for heat storage. Direct rock contact with heating elements-necessary to filter the harsh heat radiating from the 1400° F elements, to eliminate the electo magnetic field for safe and therapeutic bathing:... Read More
  • Saunex Far Infrared Sauna By US Health Equipment, Co.

    Whether you have a health or wellness goal or just want to enjoy a relaxing spa experience, the Saunex far infrared (FIR) sauna helps the body detoxify, relax, lose weight, and leaves your skin with a healthy glow making you look better and feel revitalized – all in the comfort of your own... Read More
  • Scoreboards By First Service

    All American's 800 series indoor scoreboards are the culmination of six decades of technological advancement. Super-bright, 7-segment LED digits provide enhanced color contrast, a wider viewing angle and a an expected lifespan of 100,000 hours. All models feature extruded aluminum construction... Read More
  • Senior Fitness Certification By International Sports Sciences Assn., (ISSA)

    By the year 2030, the number of Americans over the age of 65 will grow to over 63 million. This senior age group now constitutes the fastest growing segment of our population, and ISSA’s Senior Fitness Certification course is perfectly tailored to teach you the skills needed to provide personal... Read More
  • Serius Strap By Railyard Fitness

    The Original Serius Strap Suspension Exerciser from Railyard Fitness is the perfect product at the perfect price for your health club, training room, or your home. The Orginal Serius Strap includes our exclusive "180 Degree" Rotating Handles and everything you need to begin a total body,... Read More
  • Serius Strap By Railyard Fitness

    The only Suspension Training Strap with 180 Degree Rotating Handles. Position your hands, wrists, and arms in a hammer grip, cambered, or neutral grip for exercise effectiveness, safety, and comfort. Made in the USA from 2-inch webbing, adjustable cam buckles, foot stirrups, rubber grips, and... Read More
  • SH'BAM™ By Les Mills International

    Featuring simple dance moves with chart-topping popular hits, Les Mills SH’BAM™ enables participants to shape up and let out their inner star – even if they’re dance-challenged! Each 45-minute SH’BAM™ class provides the ultimate fun and sociable way to exercise. And, like all Les Mills®... Read More
  • Shower Chairs & Stools By First Service

    Two lightweight and economical choices for those who require height adjustability and an extra wide seating surface. Sturdy, lightweight anodized aluminum frame resists rusting. Legs are adjustable in 1" increments to providing seating heights between 13" and 20". Textured, polyethylene wide... Read More
  • SignaDeck By Signature Sports Flooring

    SignaDeck premier rubber flooring is our most durable and versatile modular sports flooring product. These ultra tough tiles are as attractive as they are strong, making them the perfect solution for weight rooms, cardiovascular rooms, aerobic rooms, common areas, swimming areas, locker rooms,... Read More
  • SignaFlex By Signature Sports Flooring

    SignaFlex is an attractive rolled vinyl flooring product that is easy to install and maintain. If you are looking for a real wood appearance without the expense, this is the best option available for you. Suitable for gymnasiums, locker rooms, yoga or aerobics studios, equipment rooms, common... Read More
  • SignaFlex Aqua By Signature Sports Flooring

    SignaFlex Aqua is our wet area flooring product perfect for locker rooms, pool areas, and anywhere cleanliness, hygiene, waterproofing, and safety are important. SignaFlex Aqua is a textured rolled vinyl flooring product perfect for barefoot traffic areas such as poolside, steam rooms,... Read More
  • SignaFlor By Signature Sports Flooring

    Are you looking for hardwood gymnasium floors but don't have the budget to afford one? SignaFlor is a low-maintenance pad and pour athletic floor surface that is seamless, durable, and highly shock absorbent to reduce the risk of injury to athletes, making it an excellent alternative to hardwood... Read More
  • SignaWood By Signature Sports Flooring

    SignaWood combines classic wood aesthetics with modern engineering to create the ultimate sports flooring. This beautiful beech plank flooring provides the perfect surface for the most demanding activities while creating an elegant and expensive appearance. This is the premium flooring solution... Read More
  • Slanted Riser By SPRI Products Inc

    SPRI's new Slanted Riser is an angled step riser designed specifically for use with the Original Step™. From aerobic training to strength conditioning, SPRI's patented Slanted Riser will bring unlimited versatility to your workout. Not only will the Slanted Riser add new a dimension to your... Read More
  • Software & Internet By ASF International

    ASF's hybrid software package gives you the benefit of live online data with the secure back-up of a desktop application, so if you ever lose your internet connection your club can still operate normally. Modules included in their software package are: member and childcare check-in, financial... Read More
  • Sonora™Panels By Acoustics First

    Sonora Acoustical Wall Panels, previously referred to as Respond Panels, are used to reduce echo and reverberation in applications, small and large. These panels are manufactured from a rigid high density (6-7 PCF) glass fiber acoustical board and covered with an acoustically transparent fabric.... Read More
  • Sound Channels Acoustical Wall Fabric By Acoustics First

    Acoustical Fabric for Vertical Surfaces Sound Channels® is a dimensional fabric that offers excellent acoustical properties, unmatched fade resistance, and a fire/smoke retardant Class A rating. Sound Channels® is resistant to moisture, mildew, rot, bacteria, and is non-allergenic. Produced... Read More
  • SPA-155 Sweat-Resistant Headset Mic By SupremeAudio

    SPA-155 Sweat-Resistant Professional Headset Microphone HEAVY-DUTY...Yet Weighs only .9 oz. 36% to 58% Lighter Than Other Headsets! Fits Samson, Shure, Telex & Audio-Technica Beltpacks. 1 Year Limited Warranty on Headsets 6 Mos. Limited Warranty on Cables & Connectors New LOW... Read More
  • SPA-157 Waterproof Headset Mic By SupremeAudio

    SPA-157 Submersible, Waterproof & Dustproof HARD USETM Professional Headset Mic. Hard-wired Waterproof Cable with... Samson, Shure, Sennheiser or Audio-Technica plug to Beltpack Transmitter. SupremeProAudio SPA-157 Waterproof Headset Microphone (only headset is waterproof).... Read More

    Be Beltpack Free - New Combo Headset Mic! It's like a breath of fresh air! The new SupremeProAudio Breeze™ lets you move around freely to talk, dance, or instruct without having to worry about wearing a beltpack. This combination wireless headset and transmitter is lightweight, sweatproof,... Read More
  • Spalding Volleyball Uprights By Spalding Equipment

    Spalding’s volleyball equipment exceeds the highest standards for durability, performance and ease-of-use. Our volleyball systems include high strength uprights for the highest level of competitive play, powder coated finish, spring-loaded pistons for easy adjustment regardless of competitive... Read More
  • Spinning® By Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc.

    The Spinning program is the global leader in indoor cycling training, education and equipment. Uniquely tailored to suit a wide range of abilities and fitness goals, the Spinning program and patented Spinner® bikes manufactured by Star Trac® deliver a personalized workout, incredible calorie... Read More

    Amarco's Sport-Fleck rolls and tile are a colorful way to cover any heavy duty fitness area. Attractive, highly-durable rubber composition and is perfect for indoor or outdoor applications. Ideal in heavy traffic areas where visual attractiveness is expected.Sport-Fleck is 100% recycled and is... Read More
  • Sports Nutrition Certification By International Sports Sciences Assn., (ISSA)

    While correct nutrition is essential to a proper fitness training program, it's also critical to consider HOW you eat. ISSA's Sports Nutrition Certification course teaches you necessary concepts like: meal frequency, macronutrient ratios, specificity to athletic objectives, and periodizing... Read More
  • SPRI Superband By SPRI Products Inc

    Thick, extra strong and ideal for heavy duty use. This band works the lower leg muscles, provides resistance for walks, shuffles and lunges & helps to prevent and rehabilitate sprained ankles. Read More
  • SPRI Tiger Tail To-Go By SPRI Products Inc

    The SPRI Tiger Tail To-Go is the smallest SPRI Tiger Tail, which makes it the perfect travel companion. The SPRI Tiger Tail To-Go offers thick, nylon handles and a 7" rolling surface. The small size and light weight make it the perfect on-the-go tool for everything from an athletic kit to a... Read More
  • SPRI Xercise Ball-Professional Plus By SPRI Products Inc

    These safe, heavy-duty, slow-deflate quality SPRI® Xercise Balls™ are durable enough to withstand diverse training applications in any club environment. Professional Plus (slow-deflate up to 350 lbs.) Xercise Balls™ were designed for heavy use in all workout environments. Read More
  • Steam Rooms / Baths By Electro-Steam Generator Corp

    Electro-Steam Generator Corp. units efficiently provide a steam room or shower with fast, hot, soothing, clean steam in a matter of minutes. From large commercial steam rooms to private residential steam showers, as well as kilowatt ratings from 3.3kW to 240 kW, the perfect unit for your project... Read More
  • Step360 Pro By SPRI Products Inc

    The Step360™ Pro is a versatile balance training device that enhances functional stability. Balance is the foundational skill element necessary to enhance the overall performance of sport, exercise, and rehabilitative activities. The Step360™ Pro provides a safe and superior balance challenge... Read More
  • StratiQuilt Quilted Fiberglass Blankets By Acoustics First

    Quilted Fiberglass Blankets, Rolls & Panel Curtains combine absorption and barrier material for use in areas that require tough, flexible materials and provide a surface that can be wiped clean. These can be great for machine and industrial enclosures, recording GoBos, and can be hung as... Read More
  • Strength and Conditioning Certification By International Sports Sciences Assn., (ISSA)

    Sports are big business: profitable for athletes and personal trainers who prepare athletes for competition. Until recently, most people believed that power athletes were born and not made. That's changed. A proper strength and conditioning training program can make anyone faster, stronger,... Read More
  • StretchCordz By MediCordz by NZ Manufacturing, Inc.

    StrechCordz resistance swim training tools improve stamina, power, stroke and Individual Medley times for international Olympians and novice swimmers. Both In-water and dryland equipment are used for full swimmer pull, tricep extensions, rowing, overhead raises, chest flys, proper hip rotation,... Read More
  • Stride Fitness Tiles By DINOFLEX Recycled Rubber Surfaces

    Stride Fitness Tiles are long lasting and hard working, making them ideal for Gyms; Free Weight and Spinning Areas; Fitness or Leisure Centers; or Sports Clubs. The sound and impact absorbing advantages of these tiles, improves any workout experience and easily meets the heavy demands of your... Read More
  • Super Sunnies EVO and EVO FLEX Tanning Goggles By Lucas Products Corporation

    The Super Sunnies EVO and EVO flex goggles are the most refined tanning goggles available. With the tallest available nose bridge and slimmest available eye cups, these goggles allow the maximum amount of facial tanning and best protection of any goggle available. The flexible model allows for... Read More
  • SuperGlass Collegiate Backboard By Spalding Equipment

    Spalding basketball products are trusted at every level, from the NBA to backyard pick-up games. The SuperGlass Collegiate Backboard package consists of a 72” x 42” regulation backboard, flex goal and E-Z Bolt padding. This package is recommended for collegiate and high school competition.... Read More
  • SupremeProAudio SPA665 By SupremeAudio

    SPA 600 Series Budget 600 MHz UHF Fixed Frequency Wireless Microphone System. True Diversity SPA-600 600 MHz UHF Dual Antenna Receiver SPA-65 600 MHz UHF Beltpack Transmitter SPA-155 Sweatproof Headset SupremeProAudio's SPA-600 Series provides Fixed frequency at a... Read More