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  • Label Flow By Jolly Technologies

    Label Flow is Jolly Technologies innovative label software solution for the management and printing of barcode, shipping and merchandising labels, for small businesses to large enterprises. Incorporating an advanced information management platform, database connectivity, design and automation... Read More
  • League & Sports Associations By EZFacility

    Focus your efforts on attracting new players and let EZFacility’s sports association management and league scheduling software take care of the rest! Drastically reducing administrative work and saving hours of time, our easy-to-use, web-based software is designed to help you manage your league... Read More
  • Ledgewall Panels By Brewer's Ledge, Inc.

    LedgeWall panels and modules provide affordable, space-efficient climbing options that are designed to satisfy both beginners and seasoned climbers. Made of tough industrial-grade wood that features a unique in-cut texture, they come ready for framed or concrete walls. LedgeWall modules are... Read More
  • LIFE CPR Mask & Oxygen Masks By LIFE Corporation

    LIFE-100-B is 1/2 the size of all leading pocket masks, invertably fits both adult and child, complete with one-way valve and filter to eliminate transmission of vomitus and contagious diseases, clear mask and valve allows excellent observation of interiors and victim's color and... Read More
  • LIFE EMS Oxygen Regulators By LIFE Corporation

    Unibody "window" design for heavy duty service, outstanding impact resistance, all brass model for EMS, or brass channeled lightweight aluminum, with 12 click-stop positions 0-25 LPM. Read More
  • LIFE Oxygen Cylinders By LIFE Corporation

    Replacement/disposable or refillable cylinder assemblies, filled with oxygen ready-to-use, for LIFE OxygenPac, SoftPac, and LIFE-O2 units. Size D and E cylinders also available. Read More
  • LIFE OxygenPac - Emergency Oxygen Unit By LIFE Corporation

    Portable Emergency Oxygen unit in durable case with wall mount always available, simple and easy-to-use with two-step instructions,90 minute supply at 6 LPM in lightweight aluminum cylinder. Choice of 6&12 LPM "Norm & High" for AHA recommended 100% inspired oxygen concentration, or 12 position... Read More
  • LIFE SoftPac - Emergency Oxygen Unit By LIFE Corporation

    Portable lightweight Emergency Oxygen unit in soft case with foam handle and strap for easy carry. Weighs only 6 pounds, simple and easy-to-use with two-step instructions, 40 minute supply in lightweight aluminum cylinder. Choice of 6&12 LPM "Norm & High" for AHA recommended 100% inspired... Read More
  • LIFE StartSystem - AED & Oxygen Case By LIFE Corporation

    Portable case for AED and Emergency Oxygen unit in durable and water-resistant case, for Philips Onsite AED, weighs only 8 pounds, smaller than a briefcase at 12"x12"x3" complete with LIFE-O2 6&12 LPM "Norm & High" regulator, LIFE CPR Mask, and lightweight aluminum cylinder. Read More
  • Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant By ACE (American Council on Exercise)

    Your clients want to lose weight. They come to you for help – but many of them have health, lifestyle and fitness barriers getting in the way. As an ACE-certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant, you will be able to identify those barriers and design plans to help clients overcome them.... Read More
  • Liquid Amenities By Sports Solutions, Inc.

    Sports Solutions offers the industry’s widest variety of personal care liquids and dispensing systems. Select from multiple lines of spa and sport liquid amenities, shower and vanity dispensing options and accessories We have all your locker room and spa needs … and at prices to fit your... Read More
  • Lobby Track By Jolly Technologies

    Lobby Track is the world’s leading visitor management and member tracking system, allowing organizations to register, badge and track groups of people at their facilities. Centralized management, networked data-sharing and reporting makes it easy to deploy across multiple stations and... Read More
  • Lockers By First Service

    First Service offers a multitude of locker options, including clubline laminate lockers, high impact, high density polyethylene, and superior quality steel lockers. Locker available in every imaginable size and configuration. We offer a full range of locking options and a large selection of... Read More
  • Lucasol By Lucas Products Corporation

    EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant / sanitizer. Kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria in 60 seconds. For use on tanning beds, gym equipment, pedicure spa's, massage tables, and any other hard surfaces. Protect your customers from bacteria and germs with Lucasol. The most effective and cost... Read More