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  • Ice Rescue By Lifesaving Resources

    Internationally-standardized instruction in Ice Rescue at the Awareness, Operations, and Technician levels, as well as an annual INTERNATIONAL ICE RESCUE TRAIN-THE-TRAINER ACADEMY. Courses meet and exceed NFPA 1670 Standard for Technical Rescue. Lifesaving Resources has trained and authorized... Read More
  • identity management By E-CARD ID Products Ltd.

    You need a single solution for the capture, retention and dissemination of information regarding employees access rights. In short, you need an Identity Management solution. Read More
  • IGX Dumbbells & Olympic Plates By Iron Grip Barbell Company

    Iron Grip assembles its IGX Pro-Style Dumbbells in the U.S., using aircraft-grade 5/8" hex bolts to ensure the most secure construction. They also apply a unique locking compound to the threads to further strengthen the bond and prevent the bolts from loosening prematurely. All IGX dumbbell... Read More
  • Inland Marine Insurance for Health Clubs By Club Insurance - A Markel Company

    Inland marine insurance covers property or materials as they are transported via various shipping methods across the country. The term comes from the days when products were off-loaded directly from ships and then moved inland. You may want this insurance for all those times when you’re being... Read More
  • Iron Grip Olympic Bars By Iron Grip Barbell Company

    All Iron Grip Olympic Bars are exclusively American-made, and carry a 5-year warranty for the original owner. Iron Grip bars are manufactured from heat-treated, turned, ground and polished steel, developed specifically for use in Olympic bars. They feature machined steel sleeves with... Read More
  • Iron Grip Urethane Dumbbell By Iron Grip Barbell Company

    Iron Grip Urethane Dumbbells are built by pressfitting a precision-machined steel handle into a drilled, chamfered and machined solid steel head under extreme pressure. The joint is then welded for added stability, and the solid insert is encapsulated in durable urethane that will never split,... Read More
  • Iron Grip Urethane Plates By Iron Grip Barbell Company

    Iron Grip Urethane Olympic Plates offer integrated handgrips to provide a safe, user-friendly means for lifting and carrying, plus a 12-sided design to eliminate rolling. The American-made Urethane coating is highly impact-resistant, exceptionally durable, and will not split, peel or delaminate... Read More
  • Iron Grip's Group Strength By Iron Grip Barbell Company

    Iron Grip’s Group Strength® System offers clubs a truly commercial quality alternative for equipment used in group strength training classes. Urethane-encased Group Strength plates have two integrated handgrips for improved handling, versatility, and safety. Plates can be held comfortably by... Read More
  • Irongym Stool By First Service

    If your facility demands the most durable furnishings, yet you're unwilling to sacrifice appearance for function, the IronGym stool is the answer! Our best selling oak stool, the IronGym delivers remarkable stability with its large, square footprint. Overall dimensions: 14" x 14" x 17" high,... Read More
  • iZZ Media Group By United States Golf Fitness Assoc.

    We are uniquely qualified with strengths is new media marketing to meet and exceed the needs of sports products, sports teams,athletes, fitness center operators, fitness products, equipment,athletes and developers. Unlock the passion in your brand. Sports engages us like nothing else. You... Read More