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Suite 406, Ge Lin Shang Cheng, NO.265 Jianshe Road North
Chenghua China
About XHHC
  • Chengdu XHHC Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise devoting itself to research and development of cold/hot compress technique for long.

    Ice emperor has a good temperature resistant capacity.We will offer you very exactly price like your factory.

    Instant cold/hot pack --- instant cold or hot. For First Aid or your immediate use.
    Reusable instant heat pack--- Active by pressing a metal disc.
    Reusable hot and cold pack/wrap --- for hot and cold therapy
    Reusable cold pack---for Vaccine carrier, keep cool temperature for food and any else.
    Fill ice bag --- fill water in it before use. it is convenient to transport.

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